BitQT App: About Us

Start your crypto journey with the BitQT App platform and reap the rewards of the cryptocurrency industry today.

Why Should You Use the BitQT App?

Everybody wants a piece of the crypto market. It’s no secret that everyone from students to senior individuals now invest their hard-earned money in cryptocurrency. To be completely honest, we are not surprised. Just take a look at the average annual return ever since crypto became mainstream. It is truly remarkable. The good thing? This ever-growing market is showing no sign of slowing down.

Are you looking to invest in crypto too and get your share of the pie? If so, make sure that you are using a trusted, reputable, and secure platform that protects your interests as a trader first.

Someone like us - BitQT App.

BitQT App was created to connect our valued customers (you) with reputable brokerage firms, which allow you the opportunity to trade crypto at any hour of the day. The great deal about our partner brokers is that besides being safe, trustworthy, and easy-to-use, they allow you the exclusive offer of entering the crypto market with only $250.

The chance is yours for the taking. Don’t wait on the sidelines and later regret that you didn’t at least give cryptocurrencies a go during their golden years.

The Story of BitQT App

Before cryptocurrency became mainstream and one of the most lucrative investment opportunities in the world, we founded BitQT App. The goal of our platform was to become the go-to place for traders who over time learnt about crypto and wanted to take a piece of the pie.

We wanted to provide the average trader with the ability to also reap the rewards of the market. To do that, we knew we had to be different and offer a lot more value. Thus, over the years, we built some extremely valuable relationships with our now partner brokers, who offer exclusive access to our customers to enter the crypto market with as little as $250.

If you are eager to trade crypto and want to enter the ever-growing market of cryptocurrency using trusted, secure, and reputable brokers, register your BitQT App account today.

2.1 The Team Behind BitQT App

The BitQT App platform is made up of highly skilled employees and customer service staff who are working day in and day out to provide unparalleled round-the-clock customer service support to all of our new and existing customers.

We are responsible for linking you to our reputable and trustworthy broker firms in the crypto market while providing you with the right guidance and excellent customer service that can help you at every step of your trading journey.

If you are ready to get started with crypto, don’t wait and invest for the future. Invest today or miss out in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,

2.2. Our Vision

Liking up crypto traders with their most suitable brokerage firm is still our vision, almost a decade later since we first founded the BitQT App platform. Our main goal since the very beginning has been to allow every trader, regardless of their circumstances to be able to freely trade crypto and reap the rewards. We strived for setting an equal level playing field in the crypto market, and we believe that we have achieved that, thanks to the help of our partner brokers.

Today, our valuable customers can start trading crypto without investing thousands of dollars. Rather, they can start with as little as $250, test the waters, and if they don’t like it, they can simply withdraw their money and never look back.

If you want to take advantage of the golden years of cryptocurrency, then don’t wait and open up your BitQT App account today and start trading.

But What Makes BitQT Unique?

Laser Accurate Performance

BitQT was designed by the best-in-the-industry programmers and traders who also update it regularly to ensure it maintains the highest levels of accuracy, and that it can accurately predict market movements and win more than 99% of all trades entered. Such accuracy continues to endear BitQT to millions across the world who have trusted it to double, triple, and quadruple their investments within the shortest time possible.

Superior Technology

Through the use of highly advanced programming and trading tools/analytics, BitQT developers were able to come up with the most advanced automated trader. The BitQT auto trader is faster than any other trading system and even quicker than most global trading markets. This time leap technology is the secret behind its consistent 99% win ratio and the more than quadrupled profits for our clients. The superior technology, faster market analysis, and constant win ratio make it the most profitable bitcoin trading software in the market.

Award-Winning Trading App

BitQT continues to receive international recognition and awards for its consistent profitability, ease of use, and the technological innovation employed in coming up with the system. Most recently, our crypto auto trading system was ranked #1 in the trading software and technological innovation category by the International Trading Association.

Our Technology

For just short of a decade, we have built one of the most comprehensive, simple, and secure customer-centric platforms that successfully connects our clients with renowned brokerage firms from all over the globe.

With the help of our ever-expanding technology and relationships with various prominent cryptocurrency brokerage firms, we have assisted in connecting ordinary people with industry-leading cryptocurrency brokerage firms, allowing a vast number of people to participate in the booming crypto market.

On top of that, our reputation and relationships have allowed us to bring to you an exclusive deal with our partner brokers, which allows you a very low entry point in the crypto market. You can literally start changing your life with as little as $250.

Are you ready to take things into your own hands and change your financial situation for the better? Join the BitQT App platform now.