About Us

The Bitqt software is a highly advanced and accurate automated trading tool designed to help you get the most out of the cryptocurrency industry. It was developed by experienced traders and programming experts who are on a mission to help online investors earn profits from the current bitcoin boom. We appreciate that lack of trading experience or enough time to analyze the markets has seen most individuals lose out of life-changing investment opportunities.

In response, we have created the most user-friendly and automated trading software that helps you take advantage of the lucrative crypto markets. We have broken down the investment process and made it wholly passive to ensure that you do not need previous trading experience or countless hours analyzing different coins to start making money. Our trading system is utterly automated and designed to make you money while you go about your day.

About the Software

BitQT is agile, accurate, and quick, and it’s all thanks to the powerful algorithm my brother discovered. We spend hours upon hours trying it, testing it, and perfecting it. Repeatedly, it has proven itself to be successful, and now the world knows about it.

We created BitQT to help our members become rich. Remember, the CryptoCurrencies revolution has arrived, and it’s going to stay here for a while. The cryptocurrency is nowhere near its market cap, so there is still plenty of wealth to go around.

BitQT does everything for you. Setting up the parameters (rules) for trading only takes about 20 minutes, and then you can turn on auto-trading and let the app do the rest.

Our software compares tons of historical data every second, so it’s picking out the most profitable trades for you.

It can be used full-time if you want to work from home. Those who have a regular job and want to test the theory can also use it on the side.

But What Makes Bitqt Unique?

Laser Accurate Performance

Bitqt was designed by the best-in-the-industry programmers and traders who also update it regularly to ensure it maintains the highest levels of accuracy, and that it can accurately predict market movements and win more than 99% of all trades entered. Such accuracy continues to endear Bitqt to millions across the world who have trusted it to double, triple, and quadruple their investments within the shortest time possible.

Superior Technology

Through the use of highly advanced programming and trading tools/analytics, Bitqt developers were able to come up with the most advanced automated trader. The Bitqt auto trader is faster than any other trading system and even quicker than most global trading markets. This time leap technology is the secret behind its consistent 99% win ratio and the more than quadrupled profits for our clients. The superior technology, faster market analysis, and constant win ratio make it the most profitable bitcoin trading software in the market.

Award-Winning Trading App

Bitqt continues to receive international recognition and awards for its consistent profitability, ease of use, and the technological innovation employed in coming up with the system. Most recently, our crypto auto trading system was ranked #1 in the trading software and technological innovation category by the International Trading Association.

How It Works:

Earning with Bitqt is smooth and highly straightforward. Start with signing up to be a client. It takes a few minutes and is open to virtually everyone. Registration is free, but we request you to make a minimum investment of $250 to start making money immediately. Our trading system automatically directs your deposits to the markets and starts making money quickly, allowing you to realize tangible profits as soon as the next day.

Want to know your expected return on investment when you invest with our award-winning trading system? We have included an ROI calculator on this page that shows you how much you stand to gain within a given period.

Its incredible to see how much what started as a beta project has accomplished in such a short period. While the Bitqt trading system is free for all new clients today, there is no telling how long the freemium version will last. There also is no saying how long the crypto industry will remain unregulated or how long the profits made from crypto trading will remain tax-free. Dont miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make the most the most out of our auto trader system to enrich yourself.

What Makes Our Trading Robot Unique: