Cookie Policy

Thank you for visiting the BitQT website, from whence you find this Cookie Policy. BitQT website is our property (herein referred to as the "Company," "us," "we" or "our"). You can Contact us from the form here.

This Cookie Policy page explains how we and our subsidiaries collect user data, the kind of data we collect, and how we use such data.

We are dedicated to user privacy, and we even allow you to browse most of the website pages without asking for any sensitive personal information from you. We nonetheless are continually looking to personalise and improve your experience when interacting with our site and services promoted therein.

What are website cookies?

Cookies refer to data/text files that a website or mobile application places on your phone or computer whenever you use these devices to open one the website pages. They are ideally meant to help you navigate through the site. They also help the website and mobile app developers ensure to improve the usability of their pages and also act as reporting systems that relay your activity within the site or app to its developers.

Why do use cookies?

BitQT deploys different types of cookies meant to carry out various tasks. Some are meant to help you navigate through the app or within the website more efficiently, others help the site and app remember your preferences, others improve your experience on-site. These all play a key role in helping us tailor our ads and those of others displayed on our site and app more relevant to you.

We also deploy tracking cookies that collect such information as the browser used to access our website, the screen resolution, the operating system, and your IP address. This information helps our website and app identify you, keep your BitQT account secure, and prevent fraud.

First-party and third-party cookies deployment

Cookies deployed by our website or mobile application (BitQT) are referred to as “First Party Cookies.” Cookies deployed by other websites or apps are referred to as “Third Party Cookies.” The third-party cookies make it possible for others to provide different features and functions – such as adverts and analytics – through our website/app.

What cookies do we use?

Strictly necessary cookies: These are must-have cookies that ensure our website and mobile app functions properly. We cannot switch them off and you set them when you interact without website or app or request for a service. They remember your site preferences, ease your on-site navigation. Deactivating them may deny you access to some of our services or cause parts of the website not to function properly.

Functional cookies: These cookies remember your interactions with the site to enhance your user experience. They are first-party cookies and remember your login details, your region, and language.

Social media cookies: These are third party cookies that track your activity within or website and other websites on your browser. We add them to help you access our social media pages and help you share content on your social media platforms.

Email cookies: We also deploy cookies and similar technologies in hyperlinked emails. Each of these has a special tag that tells us how you interact with the email. The data collected then helps us personalise and better our email communications in the future.

Disabling/blocking/deleting cookies and similar technologies

You can control how our website and mobile apps collect and use and deploy cookies. You have the option of disabling cookies, blocking trackers, and similar technologies you do not want. You can also delete any cookies deployed into your computer or mobile phone by our website or app.

Note, however, that limiting the number of cookies set by our website or app on your device may affect your user experience on our websites or app.

For guidance on how to interact with cookies and similar technologies, go to