Privacy Policy

In this privacy policy statement, we will refer to collective terms such as “We” and “Us” refer to the “Website,” which is an aspect of the BitQT website.

The privacy of Personal Data is important to the whole BitQT team. We will always take all measures to protect the data, and we are happy that you are concerned about it as well.

To access our services, we require users to provide specific data during registration. These will include names and unique financial information. Generic information, also referred to as Non-Personally-Identifiable, assures data that tracks your activity on the BitQT app website.

As required by law, we shall comply with reasonable requests from law enforcement investigations related to any activity by the users on the website.

Users may be expressly notified of such disclosure and decide to opt-out through an email request via our Contact form.

License Grant

BitQT outlines an official document called a “license” containing specific information for you so that you do not go against our proprietary rights.

You get a single and finite license to utilise our services.

This license is non-transferable, and we reserve the prerogative to nullify the rights anytime we deem fit. We shall not, however, be obliged to give any explanation for such an act.

This license neither gives you the right to use our content for unauthorised commercial activities nor does it permit any form of alteration of content on our website.

Proprietary Rights

We hold and exercise proprietary rights to the content on our website. We shall impose copyright and trademark protection over our proprietary content every time.

You shall adhere to the proprietary rights of BitQT. Any violation of our rights shall be penalised under relevant laws since it is criminal conduct.

You shall not in any way retrieve content from BitQT for any intention.

You must also not infringe on the proprietary rights of owners of logos and trademarks on our website. Violation of such rights is punishable by law.

Exceptions and Limitations

We shall not ascertain that any product or service obtained from us or our third party shall match up to or exceed your expectations.

We do not guarantee that our third party will provide products and services as advertised or that they will be error-free.

You are accountable for your decisions when making use of our services. We shall not be guilty of any form of destruction to your computer codes that may result from our range.

BitQT does not guarantee any form of profit, as trading in cryptocurrency is a high-risk activity due to the market’s instability. Invest only funds you won’t bat an eyelid at losing and ensure you do your research before trading.

Trading caries risk. you can lose your complete investment. trading is not for everyone and if you use leveraged trading products as CFDs you could even lose more money than you invest. BitQT team suggests that if you don’t understand this, then do not invest. And never invest more than you are prepared to lose!