Terms and Conditions

This document shows the policy framework for all clients about their appropriate use of the BitQT app official website.

It is imperative to read, assimilate and agree with these terms of use, essential for our website’s proper operation. After agreeing to the “Terms and Conditions,” users consent to and generate a legally binding “Agreement” to comply with these terms.

BitQT shall engage with you in conformity with this agreement. The use of multiple terms like “we,” “us,” “our” should be clarified to indicate our own, while “you” represents the user and are used interchangeably, but it has the same meaning.

Your volition is to decide to use our service or not after you read the Terms and Conditions. If you do not consent to these terms, you do not have permission to utilise our services freely. However, if you use BitQT, it will be interpreted as an acceptance of our terms.

We have the right to update these terms and conditions without prior warning. You must regularly review the terms of use to be aware of the licensed system at any period in time.

Scope of the Agreement

The Agreement is the following document that explains every portion of the legal use of BitQT.

You must consider that the Agreement is the original and binding policy document for the use of our services.

We implore you to examine all parts of this document judiciously before and during the period of your interaction with us, as it is essential to your convenient use of our website.


BitQT plans to follow the legal directives on marketing financial services to minors (a person below 18).

We are against minors accessing our services. Such action is essential because minors are unable to approve a legal agreement.

BitQT shall not permit our website’s usage to anybody below the minimum age.

Description of the Services

BitQT is a trading robot that enables you to find the best trades without possessing the requisite skills or knowledge.

Our services are generally classified into these four (4) categories. These are;

- Subscription services

- Membership services

- Vendor services

- General services

Subscription Services

BitQT is an automated bitcoin trader. This means that it will constantly produce informative content on trading.

To be privy to such content, you have to subscribe to it on our website or app.

Some of the services will require a subscription fee, and some of the subscription content may be promotional.

You must register with your accurate personal data on our website or app, as it aids us in determining the specific subscription content for you.

You retain the option of cancelling the subscription services. You can do this by notifying us via our official email support.

You shall accept not to hold us or our third party accountable for the validity or your incapability to utilise any subscription content our website has provided you.

Membership Services

We have clients from more than 120 countries in the world. Our track record of excellence guarantees such a wide range of patronage.

BitQT provides services to people who belong to a designated group. Some membership services attract a fee that you would have agreed to on registering.

We give support to you in whichever way you may need it. We respond to requests and look into complaints, process orders, and provide information on our company, all to provide the highest form of quality to you.

You shall consent not to hold us accountable for the membership content’s precision should they use it to influence their choice.

Vendor Services

After registering, users can acquire definite vendor services on our website, as we have partnered with third parties. You shall agree not to hold us accountable for the standard of the output you encounter under any vendor-buyer agreement.

General Services

BitQT maintains the elective right to select to whom we will provide cryptocurrency and other related services.

We have created a successful, valuable and sophisticated Bitcoin trader. It is highly efficient in predicting Bitcoin price movements and assuming multiple winning positions every day. The trader is automated, which means it constantly works to maximise the chance of you earning more.

You need to give correct and detailed information during registration, as it allows us to get vital details that enable us to dispense our services more effectively.

You are ultimately responsible for any transaction you make. The crypto industry is very volatile and can change at any point in time. It is important to note that investing in cryptocurrency is a high-risk activity that can go either way.

The services we provide at BitQT should not be taken as investment advice. Instead, they should be viewed as informative content.